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Always focus on vacuum plastic forming and acrylic product processing and improvement


Strict requirements for quality enable us to win the trust of customers


High efficiency processing comes from technical familiarity and process improvement

About us

Forcus on vacuum forming and acrylic processing

Our comprehensive design service utilises the very latest CAD/CAM technology and in-house tooling facilities. From the first stage of component design through to manufactured product, each process is carefully monitored and assessed – all our staff are trained as standard. Whatever the size and complexity of the project, we aim to provide a cost effective and efficient solution, providing our customers with quality, reassurance and competitive pricing.

About vacuum forming

Vacuum forming technology is a processing technology that is still gradually improving. We have been improving the process on the basis of quality assurance to better meet customer needs


Fully understand customer requirements

Multiple options

Propose the scheme from the customer’s standpoint

Quality first

Win the trust of customers with high-quality products

technical support

Various processing technologies cooperate to complete customer projects

About Acrylic

Acrylic technology has been very mature, and we have always maintained the unremitting pursuit of high-quality products

quality raw materials

Select high-quality material suppliers in the industry to ensure the good quality of products

Mature process

Extensive industry experience ensures the completion of various complex projects

Skilled skilled workers

Skilled workers are the secret of victory

Intimate service

Focus on customer needs and win customer trust

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We try our best to use our professional and technical advantages to help customers solve different needs,

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