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General Questions

Vacuum forming is an advanced plastic processing technology that utilizes a vacuum forming machine to process the plastic sheet into the desired plastic shell and completes the subsequent processing with a variety of processing equipment. Get the plastic products that customers need. It has a short production cycle, generally from customer demand to complete the production of only 30-45 days, can greatly reduce the development cost, and can save 95% of the cost of molds, for small quantities and large size products, vacuum forming process is a perfect solution.

Vacuum forming technology is widely used, a variety of need for plastic enclosure accessories are applied, such as new product development stage requires plastic enclosure samples, product size is huge, the mold cost is expensive, small batch products need plastic enclosure, can be applied to solve the vacuum forming technology.

We provide one-stop service and try our best to satisfy our customers whenever they need. We are well-equipped and with 20 years of experience in the industry, we can help our clients with various projects.

Sales Questions

You will need to provide CAD drawings or samples, if these are not available, perhaps you will need to provide product images. Our engineers will help to complete the design drawing. And give it to the customer for confirmation.

Usually we are 45 working days from the receipt of the customer’s order to the completion of production, if the customer request, we will cooperate to reduce the production cycle, this depends on the situation.

Our basis for ensuring lower prices is to guarantee the quality of our products. Usually we analyze customer orders to find the best processing solution, and then save processing costs by optimizing the processing process to achieve the purpose of lowering the price of the product.

We will fully communicate with our customers and find the optimal processing solution. Throughout the production process, we will keep our customers informed of the production progress to ensure that they receive their products on time, and we ask for feedback from our customers to continuously improve our services. exercitation.

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