Quality is the best guarantee to maintain customer loyalty

1 Inquiry

Customer provides Samples or Drawings or Idea

3 Make samples

Produce samples according to customer"s request

5 Mass production

Efficient production according to customer requirements

2 Analysis

Project evaluation and process confirmation

4 Confirm samples

Customer confirmation of the sample

6 Delivery

On time delivery

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You already have your product designed. You probably have it as a drawing or CAD and know the dimensions and material that you want to use. We are happy to provide you with a free quote!

We have a dedicated and experienced design and CAD team who are experts at product development. They can turn a basic concept or drawing into a workable cost-effective design, with all the CAD drawings and data required to guide our leading-edge material.

For lots of projects vacuum forming offers an effective way to create rapid plastic prototypes or cost-effective short runs.

Fast turnaround, lower tooling and manufacturing costs are three good reasons, as well as the ability to create durable high quality products.