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We are Qualityee, winning the trust of customers with quality

We are located in Shenzhen, China and are a company specializing in plastic parts machining. With 20 years experience in the industry. We provide our customers with high quality plastic products in three main areas: plastic vacuum forming, acrylic products and plastic parts.
Our business started in 2003, initially helping customers to process all kinds of plastic vacuum forming products, due to the customer’s demand for acrylic display products and plastic parts, we continue to broaden the scope of processing, and utilize our full range of processing equipment and rich experience in the plastics industry processing, try to meet the different needs of our customers, so that our customers can get a full range of services and the products they need.
Nowadays, our plastic products processing business has been expanded from OEM to ODM, we not only help customers to produce plastic products, we also provide design solutions. Let our customers get more satisfaction. We firmly believe that we can only serve our customers’ needs sincerely every time. We will grow together with our customers. Only then can we realize the sustainable operation of the enterprise.
In the future, we will adhere to the “customer first” service concept, to provide customers with more and better products and services.

Confidence comes from strength

We have a group of experienced employees ready to serve you at any time


Years of Experience


Skilled employees


Experienced engineers


Processing equipment

Our Strength

Having complete processing equipment, including 12 sets of vacuum forming equipment, 36 sets of CNC processing equipment, 30 sets of polishing equipment, and 60 sets of other equipment

Main Products

The products are widely used in various industries, such as motors, machinery, furniture and elevators, aviation seats, home appliances, display and cooling containers, trays, etc

Commonly Used Materials

The material we usually use is: ABS、HIPS、PC、PP、PE、ACRYLIC、PVC、PETG、PVDF、POM、NYLON etc composite material. Finish : high glossy, glossy, matt, frosted, texture.

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